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John Clay Wolfe

Syndication Info

YES! We would love to be broadcasting in your city - growing the show benefits everyone involved. Rather than giving you all the positive reasons we would be a great fit for your station, let’s look at stations we partnered with over the years. We are broadcast on the two largest Rock stations in all of Texas (KTBZ & KZPS), and that didn’t happen by accident - they don’t just put “a car show” on the top music stations in major markets.

The John Clay Wolfe Show is not just a car show, but it does have that vibe – meaning you can sell into the show your dealers, insurance agents, lenders, warranty companies, lubricants, body shops, service shops, and all the auto sponsors. In addition, given the diversity of subject matter you’ll also appeal to divorce lawyers, DUI lawyers, mortgage companies, and stable sponsors from sports talk or guy talk shows as well. The John Clay Wolfe Show also does endorsements for your clients in each market, and JCW is a friend to your dealer customers who will help their book of business. We have reframed the clock to allow your station to choose music post net cue. (see clock diagrams below).

Syndication FAQ

Q: Can we rebroadcast outside of live slot? Can we download via web?

A: YES. but you will not see the same level of success on a re-broad as you will live on Saturday morning.

Q: What is the best format to carry The JCW Show?

A: (1) Classic Rock, (2) Sports Talk, and (3) Active Rock, in that order.

Q: Do you have a demo of the show to send to my GM?

A: Yes, just click here and our producer will get you anything you need.

Q: Will GMTV buy advertising in our cluster if we air the JCW show?

A: YES. The GMTV product is complex; if you are in a logistically feasible area, then GMTV will absolutely be a great customer to your station for M-F flights.

Q: Do we have to carry all four hours of the JCW show?

A: NO. That said, we want to be the go-to staple for the Saturday morning audience in your market, and to obtain the full effect that the JCW Show can contribute to your audience, you need a three-hour minimum.



All 5 Hours
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Satellite Audio Distribution Information

  • Program distributed on Westwood One satellite carrier via the X-Digital Systems (XDS) platform (Cumulus Media owns WWO – so your existing Cumulus XDS receiver is now a WWO XDS receiver)
  • Instructions on scheduling programs in the XDS receiver are located here.
  • Programs may be scheduled via Calendar method
  • Authorization is not necessary

Stations with questions about XDS should contact Affiliate Technical Services Department, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, ET at or (914) 908-3210.

Stations with satellite difficulties during the LIVE feed should call the Purchase, NY - Technical Operating Center at (914) 908–3220.

Locate the program in the XDS “Program List” tab as follows:

John Clay Wolfe Show

7:06:00 am – 8:00:00am, CT
8:06:00 am – 9:00:00am, CT
9:06:00 am – 10:00:00 am, CT
10:06:00 am – 11:00:00 am, CT
11:06:00 am – 12:00:00 am, CT
12:06:00 am – 1:00:00 pm, CT